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  • fix problem with internal initialization of log4net logger
  • add examples of using the NVelocity engine in an application
  • change Velocity and VelocityEngine methods that took StreamWriter an an argument to take TextWriter for more flexability
  • fix problem with DvslNodeImpl.Copy not rendering the correctly

  • make Foreach directive aware of derivitives of IEnumerable
  • add simple tests to make sure that Dvsl is working
  • change search for methods and properties to allow for Get/get named "properties" as well as to search for a property when a method is specified that has no arguments. These changes were made so that it would be possible that more Velocity templates could be used directly from Java without conversion. After thought, this might not have been as good of an idea as I had originally thought - it certainly blurs the line between what is a property and what is a method.
  • change functionality of Foreach directive when iterating over IDictionary to iterate over the IDictionaryItem collection as opposed to the Values collection (otherwise it would not be possible to get the key durring the iteration).
  • output NVelocity.NAntTasks.dll so that NAnt will recognize it automatically when placed in the NAnt.exe directory.
  • complete implementation of NVelocityHandler and NVelocityViewHandler, with common base class for both. This work was partly done as cleanup and partly done to better support the work needed for Opt-NVelocity under Maverick.Net.
  • update LogManager to allow for a logging system to be set durring initialization
  • change internal logging durring initialization to use PrimordialLogSystem
  • seperation of http related classes into seperate NVelocity.Http assembly
  • Port of VelocityViewServlet, NVelocity.Http.NVelocityViewHandler
  • port of Tools package for toolbox support
  • update log4net to version 1.2 beta 3 - needed to support default logging domain. Change NVelocity assemblies to use default logging domain.
  • update version of NDoc used to create JavaDoc API documentation
  • allow for unrestricted configuration of VelocityEngine options in Dvsl from properties file
  • lots of code clean up and reformatting, use more .Net conventions.

2002-09-11 Wednesday 03:46  corts

	* src/

2002-09-11 Wednesday 03:45  corts

	* src/Makefile:
	call nant for documentation

2002-09-11 Wednesday 01:58  corts

	* www/index.html:
	www content is now rendered by anakia.

2002-09-11 Wednesday 01:56  corts

	* examples/Texen/: additional.props,, license.txt,
	service.props, templates/Control.vm,
	templates/ServiceImplementation.vm, templates/ServiceInterface.vm,
	templates/ServiceStaticHelper.vm, templates/book.vm,
	templates/Test.vm, templates/test.props:
	initial example based on Velocity test case

2002-09-11 Wednesday 01:55  corts

	* examples/Dvsl/nant/
	reflect updated DvslTask

2002-09-11 Wednesday 01:44  corts

	* xdocs/: index.xml, css/nant-task.css, css/nvelocity.css,
	images/favicon.ico, nant/anakia.xml, nant/dvsl.xml, nant/texen.xml,
	stylesheets/project.xml, stylesheets/site.vsl:
	initial import of site in xdocs format (to be rendered using the
	NAnt anakia task).

2002-09-11 Wednesday 01:37  corts

	* src/ToDo.txt:
	updated ToDone stuff

2002-09-11 Wednesday 01:37  corts

	* src/NAnt/Texen/Generator.cs:
	use NAnt static log class replace ; for , in class names

2002-09-11 Wednesday 01:36  corts

	* src/NVelocity.NAnt.csproj:
	set properties file to be embedded resource

2002-09-11 Wednesday 01:35  corts

	* src/NAnt/Dvsl/DvslTask.cs:
	completed initial port

2002-09-11 Wednesday 01:34  corts

	* src/NAnt/Anakia/AnakiaTask.cs:
	use NAnt static log class use of Path.DirecotyrSeparatorChar

2002-09-11 Wednesday 01:34  corts

	* src/NAnt/Texen/TexenTask.cs:
	use NAnt static log class

2002-09-11 Wednesday 01:32  corts

	* src/NAnt/Texen/
	specify fully qualified class names

2002-09-11 Wednesday 01:28  corts

	* src/.cvsignore:
	ignore the .xml files output for documentation

2002-09-08 Sunday 01:59  corts

	* src/Runtime/Resource/ResourceManagerImpl.cs:
	fix bug loading ResourceCache manager reformatting

2002-09-08 Sunday 01:57  corts

	* src/Runtime/RuntimeInstance.cs:
	change version id

2002-09-08 Sunday 01:56  corts

	* src/Makefile:
	update default target

2002-09-08 Sunday 01:52  corts

	* src/: NUnitRunner.csproj, NVelocity.NAnt.csproj,
	NVelocity.Tools.Dvsl.csproj, NVelocity.Tools.csproj,
	NVelocity.csproj, NVelocity.sln, Test.csproj:
	no message

2002-09-08 Sunday 01:52  corts

	* src/ToDo.txt:
	list of stuff to be done

2002-09-08 Sunday 01:50  corts

	* src/
	nant build file

2002-09-08 Sunday 01:47  corts

	* src/Tools/SupportClass.cs:
	no message

2002-09-08 Sunday 01:46  corts

	* src/Test/: AnakiaTestCase.cs, CommonsTest.cs:

2002-09-08 Sunday 01:31  corts

	* src/: NAnt/AssemblyInfo.cs, NAnt/Anakia/AnakiaTask.cs,
	NAnt/Anakia/AnakiaXmlDocument.cs, NAnt/Anakia/AnakiaXmlElement.cs,
	NAnt/Anakia/Escape.cs, NAnt/Anakia/NodeList.cs,
	NAnt/Anakia/OutputWrapper.cs, NAnt/Anakia/TreeWalker.cs,
	NAnt/Anakia/XPathTool.cs, NAnt/Dvsl/DvslTask.cs,
	NAnt/Texen/FileUtil.cs, NAnt/Texen/Generator.cs,
	NAnt/Texen/PropertiesUtil.cs, NAnt/Texen/SupportClass.cs,
	NAnt/Texen/TexenTask.cs, NAnt/Texen/,
	Texen/Generator.cs, Texen/Defaults/,
	Texen/NAnt/TexenTask.cs, Texen/Util/FileUtil.cs,
	move all NAnt related stuff to a NAnt namespace

2002-09-08 Sunday 01:25  corts

	* src/: Dvsl/Dvsl.cs, Dvsl/DvslContext.cs, Dvsl/DvslNode.cs,
	Dvsl/DvslNodeContext.cs, Dvsl/DvslNodeImpl.cs,
	Dvsl/TemplateHandler.cs, Dvsl/TransformTool.cs,
	Dvsl/Transformer.cs, Dvsl/Directive/MatchDirective.cs,
	Dvsl/Directive/NameDirective.cs, Dvsl/Resource/defaultroot.dvsl,
	Tools/Dvsl/AntLogSystem.cs, Tools/Dvsl/Dvsl.cs,
	Tools/Dvsl/DvslContext.cs, Tools/Dvsl/DvslNode.cs,
	Tools/Dvsl/DvslNodeContext.cs, Tools/Dvsl/DvslNodeImpl.cs,
	Tools/Dvsl/DvslTask-ant.cs, Tools/Dvsl/DvslTask.cs,
	Tools/Dvsl/TemplateHandler.cs, Tools/Dvsl/TransformTool.cs,
	Tools/Dvsl/Transformer.cs, Tools/Dvsl/Directive/MatchDirective.cs,
	move from Tools to core

2002-09-08 Sunday 01:22  corts

	* examples/Anakia/:, xdocs/index.xml,
	xdocs/stylesheets/project.xml, xdocs/stylesheets/site.vsl:
	simple Anakia example

2002-09-07 Saturday 17:29  corts

	* www/index.html:
	no message

2002-09-03 Tuesday 09:49  corts

	* src/Texen/: Generator.cs, Defaults/,
	NAnt/TexenTask.cs, Util/FileUtil.cs, Util/PropertiesUtil.cs:
	initial port of Texen - still needs cleanup, but it functions

2002-08-31 Saturday 16:31  corts

	* lib/: NAnt.Core.dll, NAnt.DotNetTasks.dll, NAnt.ZipTasks.dll,
	NAnt.exe, NDoc.Core.dll, NDoc.Documenter.Msdn.dll, SharpZipLib.dll,
	updated references including the addition of NAnt

2002-08-31 Saturday 16:28  corts

	* examples/Dvsl/nant/:, xdocs/example1.dvsl,
	simple example of using DvslTask with NAnt

2002-08-31 Saturday 16:20  corts

	* src/Runtime/RuntimeInstance.cs:
	provide escaping for comma in fullly qualified Type names

2002-08-31 Saturday 16:09  corts

	* src/: App/VelocityEngine.cs, Runtime/Exception/NodeException.cs:
	initial port

2002-08-31 Saturday 16:08  corts

	* src/Runtime/Log/SimpleLog4JLogSystem.cs:
	minor reformatting

2002-08-31 Saturday 16:08  corts

	* src/Runtime/Resource/Loader/ResourceLocator.cs:
	corrected shortcomming of being able to find a resource in an
	assebly that is reference but not referenced at compile time (i.e.
	loaded programatically)

2002-08-31 Saturday 16:04  corts

	* src/: NVelocity.Tools.Dvsl.csproj, NVelocity.sln,
	addition of Tools.Dvsl project

2002-08-31 Saturday 16:03  corts

	* src/Test/Provider/TestProvider.cs:
	minor reformatting

2002-08-31 Saturday 16:01  corts

	* src/Test.csproj:
	add reference to Dvsl - for later testing (also helps with build
	order and file locks)

2002-08-31 Saturday 15:58  corts

	* src/NVelocity.csproj:
	addition of VelocityEngine and NodeException change output
	directory to get over VS.Net bug with intermediate files being in

2002-08-31 Saturday 15:54  corts

	* src/Makefile:
	add publishwww and publicapi targets for publishing updated site

2002-08-31 Saturday 15:53  corts

	* src/
	assume that anyone doing this process will already have their
	CVSROOT setup correctly - either as a developer or anonymously

2002-08-31 Saturday 15:51  corts

	* src/Commons.csproj:
	change output directory to get over VS.Net bug with intermediate
	files being in use

2002-08-31 Saturday 15:38  corts

	* src/Tools/Dvsl/: AntLogSystem.cs, Dvsl.cs, DvslContext.cs,
	DvslNode.cs, DvslNodeContext.cs, DvslNodeImpl.cs, DvslTask-ant.cs,
	DvslTask.cs, TemplateHandler.cs, TransformTool.cs, Transformer.cs,
	Directive/MatchDirective.cs, Directive/NameDirective.cs,
	initial port of Dvsl and NAnt DvslTask.