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NVelocity v0.4.1 Available

Version 0.4.1 of NVelocity is now available for download.

This relase contains bug fixes and a couple of new examples. For those using Dvsl or using NVelocitys internal logging, this is a recommended update. See the change log for more details

NVelocity News

Maverick.Net - Opt-NVelocity released

This message was sent out to all Maverick.NET users:
I am pleased to announce the availability of a new package that adds 2 new transform and 1 new view option to Maverick.NET.

The transforms and view are based on work done by the NVelocity project (, which is a port of Velocity, an Apache Jakarta project ( This package allows for views to be written using NVelocity templates and transforms based on NVelocity templates or Dvsl. Modified Friendbook examples are included to demonstrate the new options.

The release notes contain more information on setting up and using Opt-NVelocity as well as setting up the examples. More information about what NVelocity is can be found at

You can get the latest version of all Maverick.NET packages here:
(16 January 2003)
Version 0.4.1
Version 0.4.1 released :: (11 January 2003)
Version 0.4
Version 0.4 released :: (29 December 2002)
Maverick.Net - Opt-NVelocity
The original Java version of Velocity is commonly used for view generation in many of the popular MVC frameworks available in Java. Shortly, with the great work done by the Maverick.Net team, it will be possible to use NVelocity templates in a .Net MVC framework. Support for NVelocity VTL templates for both view and transformation as well as support for Dvsl transformation is nearing completion. If you are not familiar with Maverick.Net or with MVC frameworks, I highly recommend that you check it out at:
(28 December 2002)
Version 0.3
Version 0.3 released :: (11 September 2002)
Initial port of Dvsl and DvslTask are now available in CVS. I think while I am at it that I am going to port Anakia and Texen before creating another release (there is actually still some cleanup that I need to do for Dvsl as it is). This should round out the ant/NAnt tasks and should complete all of the current functionality of Velocity (what would be included in the velocity.jar, not including the tools sub projects). (31 August 2002)
Version 0.2
Version 0.2 released :: (16 August 2002)
Version 0.1
Version 0.1 released :: (30 July 2002)

What is NVelocity?

NVelocity is a .Net-based template engine. It permits anyone to use the simple yet powerful template language to reference objects defined in .Net code.

The purpose of this project is to port the Jakarta Velocity project to Microsoft .Net (written in C#). The intent is to stay as close the the original Java version as the languages will permit. Please refer to the Velocity homepage for documentation and other resources. Many thanks go to Geir and the others who have made Velocity a project worth porting.