NVelocity.Runtime.Parser Namespace Summary

Interface Summary
CharStream This interface describes a character stream that maintains line and column number positions of the characters. It also has the capability to backup the stream to some extent. An implementation of this interface is used in the TokenManager implementation generated by JavaCCParser. All the methods except backup can be implemented in any fashion. backup needs to be implemented correctly for the correct operation of the lexer. Rest of the methods are all used to get information like line number, column number and the String that constitutes a token and are not used by the lexer. Hence their implementation won't affect the generated lexer's operation.

Class Summary
ParseException This exception is thrown when parse errors are encountered. You can explicitly create objects of this exception type by calling the method generateParseException in the generated parser. * You can modify this class to customize your error reporting mechanisms so long as you retain the public fields.
Parser This class is responsible for parsing a Velocity template. This class was generated by JavaCC using the JJTree extension to produce an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) of the template. Please look at the Parser.jjt file which is what controls the generation of this class.
Token Describes the input token stream.
VelocityCharStream An implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (without unicode processing).